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Best Consumer Staples Stocks

Consumer staples stocks are the stocks of the companies that produce goods that are essential for basic living. Such companies, products, and their stocks are always in demand and not impacted by the economic environment. They do well even in recessionary times.

The consumer staples sector includes stocks of companies in the business of food, beverages, alcohol, tobacco, personal products, meat products, consumer products, discount stores, and houseware. Together, they have a market capitalization of over $3 trillion.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Consumer Staples Stocks

Consumer staples stocks are ideal investments for conservative investors as they are low-risk. They do not generate spectacular returns; however, the returns are steady and stable.

Investors must consider that consumer staples stocks are suitable for the short-term. They generate a steady dividend yield due to their stability and should form a big chunk of the investment portfolio, especially in times of economic downturn.

However, investors must also consider the trade-off and risks. During the times of economic boom, consumer staples stocks generate lower returns than the other dynamic stocks like technology stocks. Therefore, consumer staples stocks may not be a suitable avenue of investment for aggressive investors.

Which Consumer Staples Stocks Should I Buy?

A large number of consumer staples stocks trade on the stock exchanges. Among them, we have compiled a list of the best consumer staples stocks for you to choose from.

Investors should ensure that consumer staples stocks belong to stable and established companies in the recession-proof sector. The products must be used on a daily or weekly basis, and should not be discretionary.

The best consumer staples stocks deliver strong revenues and earnings growth and are known for generous and steadily increasing dividends. Investors should pick consumer staples stocks with stable organic sales, market share, profit margins, and cash returns.

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