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Best Indian Stocks

The stocks of Indian companies that trade on the US stock exchanges are termed as Indian stocks. A wide variety of Indian stocks are available for investors to add to their portfolio, including stocks of Indian banks, technology companies, healthcare firms, and automobile companies.

Indian stocks have remained quite stable and income-generating for many years. They offer opportunities to investors to diversify their investment portfolios, providing avenues for spreading the risk across different sectors, industries, geographies, and overall strengths of companies. However, Indian stocks, like all other stocks, are subject to cyclical movements in prices depending on the economic, political, and other factors.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Indian Stocks

Investors must perform a stringent investigation of the fundamentals of the companies before investing in Indian stocks. The selected Indian stocks must definitely have healthy operations and dependable earnings.

In addition to high sales, high dividend yield, and high revenue growth, investors must also consider free cash flow and valuation of the companies. The fundamental analysis should include free cash flow to equity (FCFE) ratios, FCFE growth, expected returns, and intrinsic value.

Additional factors to consider must comprise of other financial parameters like profit after tax, working capital, new debt, and repaid debt. Thus, an in-depth fundamental analysis, on top of the significant technical indicators, should signal investors on whether or not to invest in Indian stocks.

Which Indian Stocks Should I Buy?

 A large number of Indian stocks and ETFs trade on the US exchanges. Among them, we have aggregated a list of the best Indian stocks and ETFs for investors to choose from.

Ideally, investors should pick Indian stocks that have financially sound and sustainable businesses and are undervalued. It means that the stock price should be less than its intrinsic value for them to generate both long-term and short-term returns for investors.

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