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Best Retirement Stocks

The stocks that are bought and held for a long time to generate regular income even after retirement are known as retirement stocks. They are also called buy-and-hold stocks.

The primary objectives of people post-retirement are to generate safe and regular income and to preserve capital. Retirement stocks support these objectives as they belong to stable, income-generating companies.

Retirement stocks follow a low-risk low-return profile. However, many well-established companies also increase their dividend yields and appreciate at price over the years, generating better returns and being suitable for long-term gains as well.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Retirement Stocks

The most significant characteristic to be considered before investing in retirement stocks is the dividend yield. The dividend yield of retirement stocks should be healthy enough to generate stable and regular income for investors after retirement. However, the yield must not be too high to be sustainable.

Investors must also consider the time horizon of retirement stocks before investing in them. For stocks to remain profitable for a long time horizon, they must belong to stable and risk-free sectors and businesses. Additionally, investors must perform a thorough analysis of the past performance and history of retirement stocks to ensure security.

Which Retirement Stocks Should I Buy?

Among a large number of retirement stocks trading on the stock exchanges, we have compiled a list of the best retirement stocks for you to pick from. Investors must look for the most well-established companies in different sectors.

Retirement stocks are ideal for investors looking for regular income after retirement. Thus, dividend stocks form the priority. In addition to the dividend stocks, a few growth stocks should also balance the portfolio of retirement stocks. It will ensure long-term capital appreciation on top of regular dividend income.

The Best Stocks for 2020

Our team has analyzed thousands of stocks in hundreds of sectors. Looking for stocks with massive growth potential? Check out our top stock picks for 2020.

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