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Best European ETFs

The exchange-traded funds that invest in the stocks of Europe-based companies are termed as European ETFs. These ETFs not only allow investors to broaden their exposure and geographical diversification, but they also help investors to aim at specific industries or sectors in Europe.

While the performance of stocks of the US-based companies remains flat in the present year, European stocks have demonstrated high returns, stability, and a lot of optimism for the future. Therefore, European ETFs are excellent additions to the investment portfolios of investors looking for diversification, simplicity, lower fee, above-average returns, and strong future potential.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in European ETFs

Investors must consider the risks based on different geographies before investing in European ETFs. The rules and regulations, government laws, economic conditions, and political conditions around Europe-based businesses are entirely distinct from those around the US-based companies. Therefore, investors need to be well aware of the disparities before investing in European ETFs.

Additionally, the individual characteristics of the exchange-traded funds should also be considered. These parameters include expense ratio, assets under management, performance track record, and other financial functions. Investors must also remain aware of the foreign exchange fluctuations and related currency risk before investing in ETFs of another geographical region.

Which European ETFs Should I Buy?

A large array of European ETFs trade on the US stock exchanges. Investors can choose their preferred ETFs based on the country in Europe they want to invest in, sector and industry of choice, and other parameters. We have aggregated a list of the best European ETFs for you to make the selection from.

Investors also need to consider the expense ratio of European ETFs before deciding which ones to buy. The expense ratio should be low and assets under management should at least be $30 million for European ETFs to be able to generate high returns.

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