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Best 5G Stocks

The stocks of the telecom companies that are building their 5G wireless networks are termed as the 5G stocks. 5G is the new generation of mobile network technology, which is soon to become the new standard for cellular networks.

5G indicates a giant technological shift and will be the harbinger of growth and advancement in many industries, including virtual reality, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, etc. The 5G  infrastructure market is expected to grow from $528 million in 2018 to a whopping $26 billion in 2022.

Thus, the companies and stocks that bring in the new culture and innovation hold a strong potential for growth in the coming years.

Company Name
Last Price
1-Year Return
Market Cap
VZVerizon Communications$44.95-18.60%188.8B
ADIAnalog Devices$177.253.58%92.1B
MRVLMarvell Technology Group$56.94-5.95%48.4B
SWKSSkyworks Solutions$112.66-39.44%18.1B
KEYSKeysight Technologies$167.260.40%30.1B
VIAVViavi Solutions$15.25-5.51%3.5B
AMTAmerican Tower$272.19-3.52%126.7B
CCICrown Castle$178.40-8.42%77.2B
SBACSBA Communications$345.40-0.46%37.3B
ACIAAcacia Communications$0.00#N/A66.4B
CHTRCharter Communications$462.98-39.88%74.4B
DELLDell Technologies$45.4179.27%33.6B
HPEHewlett Packard Enterprise$14.36-3.43%18.7B
CHLChina Mobile $2.79112.98%75.3M
CSCOCisco Systems Inc$45.01-19.03%186.4B
IQIqiyi Inc ADR$3.91-63.04%3.1B
KTKorea Telecom Corp$14.41-0.69%7.6B
LITELumentum Hld$90.9911.97%6.3B
MAMastercard Inc$357.51-4.54%345.5B
MCHPMicrochip Technology$71.46-4.54%39.5B
SLABSilicon Labs Inc$152.30-3.42%5.2B
TMUST-Mobile US$144.561.64%181.3B
TXNTexas Instruments$184.30-4.49%168.4B
VVisa Inc$215.87-10.58%446.6B
TSMTaiwan Semiconductor$89.77-24.06%449.4B

Factors to Consider Before Investing in 5G Stocks

5G stocks are undoubtedly the hottest buys currently, as the 5G will be the most disruptive technology in the decade. 5G stocks hold the ability to generate very high returns on investments. However, the associated risks can not be ignored.

Investors must consider the overall stability and reliability of the telecom and technology companies that are venturing into 5G. Although there is a high probability of success, yet the uncertainty in the economy due to trade tensions between the US and China, weaker demands in data centers, and the slowdown in the economy may mean trouble for the 5G stocks.

Additionally, investors with higher risk appetite can also consider investing in small but disruptive companies in associated sub-sectors like the manufacturers of RF filters.

Which 5G Stocks Should I Buy?

From the large number of companies venturing into 5G, we have aggregated a list of the top 5G stocks for you to choose from. Most of the 5G stocks belong to telecom companies; however, stocks of smartphone makers, network gear makers, and chip makers are also 5G stocks with a good market standing.

5G stocks are expected to perform very well in the near future. The growth is happening silently and will soon be visible with a bang. Now is the right time to invest in the early trend and achieve high returns on capital.