Expedia Group Company Overview


What is the Stock Ticker for Expedia Group?

The stock ticker for Expedia Group is EXPE.

Where is the Expedia Group headquarters?

Expedia Group's headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington, United States.

What Does Expedia Group Do?

Expedia Group is an online travel company that operates a variety of travel booking websites, including Expedia.com, Hotels.com, Orbitz, and Travelocity. The company allows users to search for and book flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, and vacation packages. Expedia Group also offers a loyalty program, Expedia Rewards, and a business travel management platform, Egencia.

How Does Expedia Group Make Money?

Expedia Group is a travel technology company that operates several online travel booking platforms, including Expedia.com, Hotels.com, Orbitz, Travelocity, and Hotwire. The company generates revenue through a variety of sources, including:

1. Commission-based revenue: Expedia Group earns a commission on every booking made through its platforms. The commission rate varies depending on the type of booking and the platform used, but typically ranges from 10% to 25% of the total booking value.

2. Advertising revenue: Expedia Group also generates revenue by selling advertising space on its platforms to travel suppliers, such as airlines, hotels, and car rental companies. These suppliers pay to have their products and services featured prominently on Expedia Group's platforms, which can help them attract more customers.

3. Subscription revenue: Expedia Group offers a range of subscription-based services to travel suppliers, such as its Expedia Partner Solutions program. These services provide suppliers with access to Expedia Group's technology and marketing tools, which can help them increase their visibility and bookings on Expedia Group's platforms.

4. Other revenue streams: Expedia Group also generates revenue through other sources, such as fees for cancellation or change of bookings, fees for travel insurance, and fees for other value-added services.

Overall, Expedia Group's revenue model is based on connecting travelers with travel suppliers and earning a commission on every booking made through its platforms. The company's diverse range of revenue streams helps to mitigate risk and ensure a steady stream of income, even in challenging market conditions.

Who Founded Expedia Group?

The founders of Expedia Group are Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink.

What is the History of Expedia Group?

Expedia Group is an American online travel company that was founded in 1996 as a division of Microsoft. The company was spun off as a public company in 1999 and has since grown to become one of the largest online travel companies in the world.

In 2001, Expedia acquired rival travel website Travelocity, and in 2015, it acquired Orbitz Worldwide. The company also owns other travel brands such as Hotels.com, Hotwire, and Trivago.

In 2019, Expedia Group underwent a major leadership change, with CEO Mark Okerstrom and CFO Alan Pickerill resigning from their positions. The company also announced plans to lay off 12% of its workforce.

Despite these challenges, Expedia Group continues to be a major player in the online travel industry, with a presence in over 70 countries and a portfolio of over 200 travel booking websites.

What Industry is Expedia Group In?

Expedia Group is in the travel and tourism industry.

What Are Expedia Group's Competitive Advantages?

1. Strong brand recognition: Expedia Group is a well-known brand in the travel industry, which gives it a competitive advantage over smaller, lesser-known competitors.

2. Wide range of offerings: Expedia Group offers a wide range of travel products and services, including flights, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages, and activities. This allows the company to cater to a diverse range of customers and meet their travel needs.

3. Advanced technology: Expedia Group has invested heavily in technology, including its website and mobile app, which provide customers with a seamless and user-friendly booking experience. This technology also allows the company to collect and analyze data, which can be used to improve its offerings and customer service.

4. Strong partnerships: Expedia Group has established partnerships with airlines, hotels, and other travel providers, which allows it to offer competitive prices and exclusive deals to its customers.

5. Global reach: Expedia Group operates in over 70 countries, which gives it a global reach and allows it to serve customers from all over the world. This also gives the company access to a diverse range of travel products and services, which it can offer to its customers.

What Are Expedia Group's Competitive Threats?

1. Increasing competition from other online travel agencies such as Booking.com, TripAdvisor, and Airbnb.
2. The rise of meta-search engines like Google Flights and Kayak, which allow users to compare prices across multiple travel sites.
3. The growing popularity of direct bookings with hotels and airlines, cutting out the need for third-party booking sites.
4. Economic downturns and fluctuations in the travel industry, leading to decreased demand for travel and accommodations.
5. Changes in government regulations and policies affecting travel, such as visa restrictions or travel bans.
6. Cybersecurity threats and data breaches, which could damage the company's reputation and lead to loss of customer trust.
7. Disruptive technologies and innovations, such as blockchain-based travel platforms or virtual reality travel experiences, which could challenge Expedia's traditional business model.

Who Are Some of the Competitors of Expedia Group?

Some of the competitors of Expedia Group include Booking Holdings, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Priceline Group, and Kayak.

What Are Some of Expedia Group's Products and Services?

Some notable products and services from Expedia Group include Expedia.com, Hotels.com, Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire, Egencia, Vrbo, and Expedia Partner Solutions.

Has Expedia Group Acquired any Companies?

Yes, Expedia Group has made several notable acquisitions, including Orbitz Worldwide, HomeAway, Travelocity, and Wotif.com.

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