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Best Low Float Stocks

Stocks that have a relatively low number of shares available for public trading are called low float stocks. There is no precise definition of how low is considered low float, but some traders consider less than 10 million shares as a low float while others consider anywhere between 10-20 million shares available for public trading as low float stocks.

Low float stocks do not have a lot of supply; therefore, they are largely affected by demand dynamics. Thus, low float stocks are highly volatile and can cause significant rewards and risks. Any news, good or bad, can drastically move the share price of low float stocks in upwards or downwards direction.

Company Name
Last Price
1-Year Return
Market Cap
PYXPyxus International, Inc.$16.70-50.88%#N/A
FRANFrancesca's Holdings Corporation$153.19-20.42%296.9M
IMRNImmuron Limited$2.07-4.17%18.5M
JAGXJaguar Health, Inc.$0.32-96.33%16.4M
CHFSCHF Solutions, Inc.#N/A#N/A#N/A
SESSynthesis Energy Systems, Inc.$2.32-47.27%816.0M
VIVEViveve Medical, Inc.$0.00-100.00%16.1K
CYIOCYIOS Corporation$0.010.00%1.6M
HMLAHomeland Resources Ltd.$0.00#DIV/0!51.5K
UNRGUnited Energy Corp.$0.05#N/A17.2M
SIRCSolar Integrated Roofing Corporation$0.00-100.00%666.8K
RBNWRenewable Energy and Power, Inc.$0.00#DIV/0!26.2K
CRSMCarSmartt, Inc.$0.00#DIV/0!447.2K
UNVCUnivec, Inc.$0.00-100.00%4.1M
GOVXGeoVax Labs, Inc.#N/A#N/A#N/A
BFCHBitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc.$0.010.00%2.2M

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Low Float Stocks

Low float stocks are immensely impacted by news catalysts and can go drastically up and down within minutes. Investors must exercise due diligence and extreme caution before investing in low float stocks. Due to high volatility, low float stocks are also subject to various frauds like pump and dump and short and distort.

Therefore, it is critical for investors to do their own in-depth research. When a news catalyst hits the low float stocks market, investors must look into the fundamentals like the earnings reports of the companies and technical indicators like the stock charts for any patterns.

At the same time, volumes also play a significant role in trading low float stocks. Investors must consider that low float stocks must have sufficient volume, as higher the volume, more meaningful the overall move.

Which Low Float Stocks Should I Buy?

Investing in low float stocks can be tricky. To help you make a quicker and easier investing decision, we have aggregated a list of the top low float stocks. The stocks have a float of less than 10 million and high volume.

Investors must be cautious while investing in or trading low float stocks. They hold high potential for rewards, but at the same time, they can be very risky too. Low float stocks can go up by even 200% at the slightest good news, but the genuineness of the news must be validated. A fake news catalyst can cause high losses, while a real one can bring high rewards.

Be cautious when trading low float stocks. Generally, they are better trading vehicles than they are investments.

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