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Oil is by far one of the most volatile commodities in the world. Oil prices and the prices of oil stocks are driven by the major economic and political events across the globe, in addition to the demand and supply dynamics.

Oil stocks are, in general, stocks of the refineries or the companies involved in oil drilling and exploration. Some of the important factors that affect oil stock prices include crude oil price volatility, foreign exchange impact, government controls and subsidies, regulations, and the demand-supply gap.

 Overall, oil stocks are excellent avenues for investment due to their strength, sustainability, and ability to generate regular income, in addition to long-term gains.

Company Name
Last Price
1-Year Return
Market Cap
XOMExxon Mobil Corp$114.1885.63%470.2B
CVXChevron Corporation$185.8963.19%359.4B
PTRPetroNeft Resources Plc$0.63-82.00%1.1M
TOTTotal Energy Services Inc$8.9462.84%376.8M
BPBP plc$34.8930.87%104.6B
EQNREquinor ASA$35.4942.53%111.4B
EEni SpA$28.974.66%51.5B
ECEcopetrol SA$10.25-23.34%20.9B
IMOImperial Oil Ltd$57.6169.64%48.0B
SSLSasol Ltd$17.5010.62%11.1B
YPFYPF SA$7.4898.94%6.2B
TRNXBBHC Inc$0.00#DIV/0!28.5K
CXOCore Lithium Ltd$1.45150.00%2.7B
HPHelmerich & Payne, Inc.$53.89117.12%5.7B
TELLTellurian Inc$2.74-20.58%1.5B
PTENPatterson-UTI Energy, Inc.$18.52155.45%4.0B
JAGJaguar Mining Inc$2.93-39.84%160.5M
VALValaris Ltd$66.5597.07%5.0B
ARAntero Resources Corp$36.61103.16%11.0B
NOGNorthern Oil and Gas Inc$36.7977.99%2.9B
EPDEnterprise Products Partners LP$24.8612.95%54.1B
EOGEOG Resources Inc$144.3266.44%84.8B
OXYOccidental Petroleum Corporation$72.77142.49%66.1B
PXDPioneer Natural Resources Co$251.0839.12%59.7B
HESHess Corp.$148.1190.84%45.7B
FANGDiamondback Energy Inc$151.4443.59%26.7B
CLRContinental Resources, Inc.$74.2762.45%27.0B
MROMarathon Oil Corp$31.1999.17%19.8B
DVNDevon Energy Corp$68.5766.67%44.8B
APAAPA Corp (US)$47.7880.10%15.4B
COGCambridge Cognition Holdings PLC$122.00-3.94%38.0M
PEPure Energy Minerals Ltd$0.54-77.12%17.9M
XECiShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI Index ETF$23.78-21.62%#N/A
NFGNational Fuel Gas Co.$65.549.45%6.0B
ETRNEquitrans Midstream Corp$8.18-19.73%3.5B
MURMurphy Oil Corp$48.0276.74%7.5B
EQTEQT Corp$43.78109.57%16.1B
SLBSchlumberger NV$53.6476.80%76.1B
ETEnergy Transfer LP Unit$12.4941.61%38.6B
HALHalliburton Company$37.4568.01%34.0B
FTITechnipFMC PLC$12.2796.32%5.5B
NOVNov Inc$22.9589.83%9.0B
WHDCactus Inc$55.2046.57%4.2B
DRQDril-Quip Inc$24.5523.93%832.7M
USACUsa Compression Partners LP$18.5421.65%1.8B
OIIOceaneering International Inc$14.8630.35%1.5B
PSXPhillips 66$112.2955.55%53.1B
MPCMarathon Petroleum Corp$126.60105.22%59.3B
VLOValero Energy Corporation$141.98100.96%54.7B
HFCHampton Financial Corp$0.70#N/A10.8M
VVVValvoline Inc$32.81-9.56%5.8B
CVICVR Energy, Inc.$40.86149.76%4.1B
PBFPBF Energy Inc$47.36264.87%5.8B
DKDelek US Holdings Inc$34.77122.74%2.4B
INTWorld Fuel Services Corp$28.4012.16%1.8B
SUNSunoco LP$43.489.11%3.6B

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Oil Stocks

The most significant factor to consider is the time horizon. Investors looking for regular income in the form of dividend payouts should invest in stocks of large oil companies. Such companies are less susceptible to frequent movements in oil prices and other factors and generate a good dividend yield.

On the other hand, the new and upcoming oil stocks can be targeted for the long-term growth of capital as future prospects of oil stocks are equally attractive. In either case, investors must remain cautious that a single event, like the attack on Saudi Arabian oil fields, can cause major and never-before swings in oil prices and oil stocks.

Which Oil Stocks Should I Buy?

 To make the choice of oil stocks easier, we have listed a few of the top oil companies and their stocks. You can make the investment decision based on your portfolio requirement and fit.

Oil is one of the riskiest commodities. Therefore, investors must be vigilant of the risk exposure related to investing directly in oil, or indirectly in ETFs or mutual funds. Similarly, you can also reduce your risk exposure by investing in the stocks of oil companies or oil stocks.