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Best Cybersecurity Stocks

Cybersecurity stocks are the stocks of companies involved in the protection of the Internet-related world from cyberattacks. With the advent of technology, more and more people are getting dependent on computers and the Internet while, at the same time, more and more cybercrime is coming into play.

However, investors must keep in mind that the world of technology is rapidly changing and ever-evolving. For the cybersecurity stocks to remain at an optimum value, the companies must keep upgrading their technology and match the newest trends.

Company Name
Last Price
1-Year Return
Market Cap
APDNApplied DNA Sciences Inc$1.44-69.87%18.6M
ARLOArlo Technologies Inc$3.94-51.00%348.6M
BRCBrady Corp$48.17-4.29%2.4B
CHKPCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.$131.5516.71%17.0B
CRWDCrowdstrike Holdings Inc$135.80-43.33%31.7B
CYRNCyren Ltd$0.93-88.85%7.4M
SPCBSuperCom Ltd. Ordinary Shares$0.22-69.86%78.8M
ZSZscaler Inc$136.76-60.23%19.6B
PANWPalo Alto Networks Inc$171.67-4.62%51.9B
CSCOCisco Systems Inc$48.38-11.39%198.6B
OKTAOkta Inc$47.97-78.80%7.6B
RPDRapid7 Inc$27.33-78.38%1.6B
CYBRCyberark Software Ltd$150.20-17.53%6.1B
QLYSQualys Inc$123.21-6.62%4.7B
FTNTFortinet Inc$52.28-20.98%40.8B
AKAMAkamai Technologies, Inc.$91.73-17.04%14.4B
SPLKSplunk Inc$77.34-39.65%12.6B
FFIVF5 Inc$157.11-31.30%9.5B
CACICACI INTERNATIONAL INC Common Stock$307.3811.79%7.2B
PSNParsons Corp$48.6537.16%5.0B
SAILSteel Authority of India Limited$83.05-25.21%343.0B
SWISolarWinds Corp$8.48-43.84%1.4B
SAICScience Applications International Corp$108.9122.92%6.0B
CVLTCommVault Systems, Inc.$64.961.11%2.9B
TENBTenable Holdings Inc$37.26-30.20%4.2B
JNPRJuniper Networks, Inc.$32.24-0.49%10.5B
LDOSLeidos Holdings Inc$107.4715.08%14.7B
BAHBooz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation$107.4221.42%14.2B
RDWRRadware Ltd$20.51-30.69%919.7M
VRSNVerisign, Inc.$197.66-18.15%21.0B
VRNSVaronis Systems Inc$20.23-63.20%2.2B
NTCTNetScout Systems, Inc.$37.3021.18%2.7B
VRNTVerint Systems Inc.$38.72-19.62%2.5B
EVBGEverbridge Inc$29.43-73.28%1.2B
OSPNOnespan Inc$12.85-28.53%509.7M
ATENA10 Networks Inc$18.0613.30%1.3B

State of the Cybersecurity Industry

Cybersecurity is an industry that is dedicated to securing information technology systems. Cybersecurity specialists are responsible for ensuring that the data from every device is safe from various threats. There are many cybersecurity threats in the world such as malware, spyware, or phishing scams.

The demand for cybersecurity specialists is expanding rapidly. The number of companies and businesses are using the Internet to store their data electronically, which means that there will be a rise in cyberattacks. This makes it essential for every business to invest in cybersecurity solutions. A major change has occurred due to the growing use of the Internet. The way we live our everyday lives now involves being connected through various devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, so hackers have become smarter in finding ways to breach these new systems.

As companies store their data in different locations, they need to hire a large number of specialists to protect all of them. This makes it essential for every business to invest more in cybersecurity solutions that can detect any potential cyber risks. The demand for cybersecurity products is increasing rapidly across the globe. This provides a huge opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on this industry.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Cybersecurity Stocks

The development of technology calls for higher and better cybersecurity measures. This leads to a higher demand for cybersecurity companies and cybersecurity stocks.

Thus, the cybersecurity companies and their stocks are the hot investments for investors looking for high rewards. However, cybersecurity companies also need to spend a lot to maintain a robust infrastructure, reducing their overall gross profit margin. Therefore, cybersecurity companies have low-profit margins and high volatility.

Investors must also consider the number of customers and the mode of revenue generation of the cybersecurity companies to evaluate the cybersecurity stocks. The stocks of cybersecurity companies with a subscription-based revenue model are comparatively more stable and reliable in the long-term compared to the companies that offer support and professional services.

Which Cybersecurity Stocks Should I Buy?

We have compiled a list of cybersecurity stocks to make it easier for you to choose which cybersecurity stocks to buy. The choice should depend on the company’s gross profit margin and future growth potential.

Cybersecurity stocks offer quick and high returns; however, they come with high-risk exposure. A growing cybersecurity company and its stock can get washed out in a go if it does not progress as fast as the technology and trends. Cybersecurity stocks also face stringent competition from stocks of companies in alternative technologies like cloud computing.