Dexcom Company Overview


What is the Stock Ticker for Dexcom?

The stock ticker for Dexcom is DXCM.

Where is the Dexcom headquarters?

Dexcom's headquarters is located in San Diego, California, United States.

What Does Dexcom Do?

Dexcom is a medical technology company that specializes in continuous glucose monitoring systems for people with diabetes. Their devices use sensors to track glucose levels in real-time and provide alerts to help patients manage their blood sugar levels. Dexcom's products are designed to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes by providing accurate and reliable glucose monitoring.

How Does Dexcom Make Money?

Dexcom is a medical device company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems for people with diabetes. The company makes money by selling its CGM systems and related products to patients, healthcare providers, and distributors.

Dexcom's CGM systems consist of a small sensor that is inserted under the skin to measure glucose levels in the interstitial fluid, a transmitter that sends the data wirelessly to a receiver or smartphone app, and software that analyzes the data and provides alerts and insights to the user. The company offers several models of CGM systems, including the Dexcom G6, G5, and G4 Platinum, as well as accessories such as sensors, transmitters, and receivers.

Dexcom generates revenue primarily through the sale of its CGM systems and related products. The company also earns revenue from recurring sales of sensors, which need to be replaced every 10 days, and transmitters, which need to be replaced every 3 months. In addition, Dexcom offers a subscription service called Dexcom CLARITY, which provides users with personalized reports and insights based on their CGM data.

Dexcom's customers include individuals with diabetes, healthcare providers such as endocrinologists and diabetes educators, and distributors such as pharmacies and medical supply companies. The company markets its products through a combination of direct-to-consumer advertising, partnerships with healthcare providers and advocacy organizations, and participation in industry conferences and events.

Overall, Dexcom's business model is based on providing innovative and reliable CGM systems that help people with diabetes manage their condition more effectively. By offering a range of products and services that meet the needs of different users, the company has been able to establish a strong market position and generate consistent revenue growth.

Who Founded Dexcom?

Dexcom was founded by John F. Burd in 1999.

What is the History of Dexcom?

Dexcom is a medical device company that specializes in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems for people with diabetes. The company was founded in 1999 by Scott Glenn, John Burd, and Terry Gregg in San Diego, California.

Initially, Dexcom focused on developing a CGM system for people with type 1 diabetes. In 2006, the company received FDA approval for its first CGM system, the STS System. This was followed by the Seven System in 2007 and the Dexcom G4 Platinum System in 2012.

In 2015, Dexcom launched the Dexcom G5 Mobile System, which was the first CGM system that allowed users to view their glucose data on their smartphone. This was a significant milestone for the company and helped to increase its market share.

In recent years, Dexcom has continued to innovate and improve its CGM systems. In 2018, the company launched the Dexcom G6 System, which is the first CGM system that does not require users to calibrate their device with a fingerstick. This has made the system more convenient and user-friendly for people with diabetes.

Today, Dexcom is a leading provider of CGM systems and has a strong presence in the diabetes community. The company is committed to improving the lives of people with diabetes by providing them with accurate and reliable glucose monitoring technology.

What Industry is Dexcom In?

Dexcom is in the medical devices and equipment, specifically glucose monitoring systems for people with diabetes industry.

What Are Dexcom's Competitive Advantages?

1. Advanced Technology: Dexcom has developed advanced continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology that provides real-time glucose readings to patients with diabetes. This technology is more accurate and reliable than traditional blood glucose monitoring methods, giving Dexcom a competitive advantage in the market.

2. Strong Brand Recognition: Dexcom has established a strong brand reputation in the diabetes management industry. The company is known for its innovative products and exceptional customer service, which has helped it to build a loyal customer base.

3. Patented Products: Dexcom has a number of patented products that are protected by intellectual property laws. This gives the company a competitive advantage over other companies that may try to replicate its technology.

4. Strategic Partnerships: Dexcom has formed strategic partnerships with other companies in the healthcare industry, such as Insulet and Tandem Diabetes Care. These partnerships have helped Dexcom to expand its reach and increase its market share.

5. Regulatory Approval: Dexcom's products have received regulatory approval from the FDA and other regulatory bodies around the world. This gives the company a competitive advantage over other companies that may struggle to obtain regulatory approval for their products.

What Are Dexcom's Competitive Threats?

Some competitive threats to Dexcom include:

1. Other companies developing and marketing continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems that offer similar or better features and benefits than Dexcom's products.

2. Traditional blood glucose monitoring methods, such as fingerstick testing, may continue to be preferred by some patients and healthcare providers, limiting the adoption of CGM systems.

3. Regulatory changes or reimbursement policies that favor other CGM manufacturers or limit access to Dexcom's products.

4. Technological advancements in diabetes management, such as closed-loop insulin delivery systems, may reduce the need for CGM systems altogether.

5. Economic downturns or changes in healthcare spending priorities may lead to reduced demand for Dexcom's products.

Who Are Some of the Competitors of Dexcom?

Some of the competitors of Dexcom include Abbott Laboratories, Medtronic, Senseonics, and Tandem Diabetes Care.

What Are Some of Dexcom's Products and Services?

Some notable products and services from Dexcom include continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems for people with diabetes, such as the Dexcom G6 and Dexcom G7, as well as software and mobile apps for managing diabetes data and providing insights to patients and healthcare providers. Dexcom also offers training and support services for patients and healthcare professionals using their products.

Has Dexcom Acquired any Companies?

Yes, Dexcom has made several notable acquisitions, including the acquisition of TypeZero Technologies in 2018, which brought advanced technology for automated insulin delivery systems, and the acquisition of SweetSpot Diabetes Care in 2015, which added a mobile app for diabetes management.

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