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Gold is one of the most traded and most volatile commodities in the world. The gold industry and gold stocks are affected not only by consumption but also by saving and disposal. This characteristic makes gold stocks unique and different from other common shares.

The global gold market suffered a slowdown in the past few years due to lower gold production and higher costs. However, the gold industry and gold stocks have started picking up since the last quarter of 2018. Gold production is increasing at the world’s biggest mines of gold and costs are under control.

As a result, the gold-stock prices have started looking up as the gold industry is balancing between increasing growth and gold reserves and reducing costs and expenses.

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Factors to Consider Before Investing in Gold Stocks

Investors must be aware that investing in gold stocks is not the same as investing in physical gold. Largely, gold stocks are expected to perform inversely to the US dollar and serve as excellent means for hedging against inflation. However, gold stocks, like all forms of stocks, are unpredictable and may slump along with the stock market.

It is of significant concern that gold stocks are subject to a lot of fluctuations in their prices because of their correlation with unpredictable demand and supply. The rapid and frequent ups and downs in the gold prices affect the fortunes of gold companies and their stock prices to a large extent.

Gold is often thought of as a component of a well-diversified portfolio (alongside growth stocks, funds, bonds, etc.).

Before investing in gold, make sure you have an investment objective and allocation target in mind.

Which Gold Stocks Should I Buy?

Before investing in gold stocks, you need to take a look at the list of major companies in that space. We have compiled a list of the gold stocks for you to choose from; the ones that match your investment criteria, risk appetite, and time horizon.

Primarily, gold stocks can serve as suitable long-term investments and hedges against stock market rollercoasters. The price of gold stocks follow the price of gold and go up with increases in efficiency and production levels. However, investors must be aware of risks associated with operations of the gold mines, supply and demand fluctuations, and exposure to other commodities.

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