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Best Small Cap Stocks

The companies with a market capitalization between $300 million and $2 billion are termed as small-cap companies, and their stocks are called small-cap stocks. The small-cap companies and stocks are still evolving. They can either grow and develop to become mid-cap and large-cap companies, or they may end up not surviving the economic cycles and fail.

Small-cap stocks belong to small companies that constitute the small-cap sector. The performance of the small-cap sector is represented by indexes such as Russell 2000, the S&P SmallCap 600 Index, and the MSCI USA Small Cap Index.

Company Name
Last Price
1-Year Return
Market Cap
CDMOAvid Bioservices, Inc.$7.56-54.43%478.1M
PAYSPaySign, Inc.$3.05-10.56%160.9M
CYRXCryoport, Inc.#N/A#N/A#N/A
APPSDigital Turbine, Inc.$3.53-72.49%360.2M
ATRSAntares Pharma, Inc.#N/A#N/A#N/A
UCTTUltra Clean Holdings, Inc.$45.0123.52%2.0B
SGHSMART Global Holdings, Inc.$20.9918.19%1.1B
VCELVericel Corporation$49.6672.07%2.4B
HOMEAt Home Group Inc.$38.70#N/A300.8M
TPICTPI Composites, Inc.$3.04-76.62%141.2M
BANCBanc of California, Inc.$14.54-19.31%2.5B
VNDAVanda Pharmaceuticals Inc.$4.47-36.60%257.2M
GLUUGlu Mobile Inc.#N/A#N/A#N/A
CPECallon Petroleum Company$33.17-14.27%2.2B
BOOTBoot Barn Holdings, Inc.$90.9711.67%2.8B
COOPMr. Cooper Group Inc.$74.3558.19%4.8B
XPERXperi Corporation$11.157.83%484.6M
INGNInogen, Inc.$10.21-56.52%238.0M
INVAInnoviva, Inc.$15.9731.01%1.0B
CDNACareDx, Inc$8.23-47.14%445.2M
PARRPar Pacific Holdings, Inc.$40.3947.03%2.4B
BGSB&G Foods, Inc.$9.90-20.29%779.2M
WGOWinnebago Industries, Inc.$69.744.82%2.0B Inc.$0.10#N/A1.5M
BEATBioTelemetry, Inc.$1.72-54.74%45.2M
RGNXREGENXBIO Inc.$20.12-5.05%885.1M
SUPNSupernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.$28.67-25.82%1.6B
EGBNEagle Bancorp, Inc.$24.51-46.12%733.5M
FORMFormFactor, Inc.$42.4331.08%3.3B
DEAEasterly Government Properties, Inc.$11.77-26.48%1.1B
PDCEPDC Energy, Inc.#N/A#N/A#N/A
PCRXPacira BioSciences, Inc.$29.56-27.51%1.4B
CORTCorcept Therapeutics Incorporated$22.852.28%2.4B
IRBTiRobot Corporation$12.56-69.92%349.9M
AXAxos Financial, Inc.$54.609.93%3.1B
VNOMViper Energy Partners LP$35.4212.27%6.3B
BMCHBMC Stock Holdings, Inc.#N/A#N/A#N/A
FRPTFreshpet, Inc.$90.0338.04%4.3B
MTDRMatador Resources Company$60.24-2.89%7.2B
PPBIPacific Premier Bancorp, Inc.$25.12-25.17%2.4B
NMIHNMI Holdings, Inc.$29.6024.01%2.4B
LGNDLigand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated$74.614.38%1.3B

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Small-Cap Stocks

It is good news for investors that small-cap stocks are less affected by the global economic and geopolitical conditions. They are, generally, domestically driven companies and stocks that do not come under the radar of the Fed and other regulatory bodies.

Therefore, small-cap stocks follow a high-reward low-risk profile. Additionally, according to Russell 2000, the index for small-cap companies, the small-cap stocks are currently undervalued and offer attractive value for investors to invest in them.

However, investors must also consider that small-cap stocks are risky investments. The small-cap companies are at the beginning of the growth curve and may or may not become successful. Therefore, investments in small-cap stocks hold strong chances of failing completely and are highly volatile.

Which Small-Cap Stocks Should I Buy?

There are a large number of small-cap companies and small-cap stocks, belonging to different sectors. To make your selection easier, we have aggregated a list of the top small-cap stocks for you to choose from.

Investors must ensure that the small-cap stocks they pick represent value and are not overshadowed by their large-cap counterparts. The sales and earnings growth of the company must be consistent and positive in the past few years, the debt to earnings ratio must be less than 1, and the average volume should be more than 300,000.

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