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Utility stocks are stocks of the companies that provide basic utilities to the people. The essential services include water, electricity, and natural gas. More recently, the companies that produce alternative forms of energy like geothermal energy are also considered utility companies.

Utility stocks are considered defensive stocks as they are mostly unaffected by the economic upturns and downturns. The demand for necessities included in the utility sector remains stable, and so does the price of the utility stocks.

At the same time, companies in the utility sector and their stocks are regulated by government bodies. Therefore, utility stocks are relatively safe modes of investment.

Company Name
Last Price
1-Year Return
Market Cap
NEENextEra Energy, Inc.$57.27-25.57%117.5B
DUKDuke Energy Corporation$92.36-6.95%71.2B
DDominion Energy, Inc.$45.49-21.91%38.1B
SOThe Southern Company$66.830.09%72.9B
EXCExelon Corporation$34.86-18.30%34.7B
AEPAmerican Electric Power Company, Inc.$81.36-10.51%42.8B
SRESempra Energy$70.50-10.97%44.4B
XELXcel Energy Inc.$59.01-13.09%32.6B
PEGPublic Service Enterprise Group Incorporated$59.60-3.50%29.7B
OKEONEOK, Inc.$71.062.00%41.4B
EDConsolidated Edison, Inc.$88.22-3.27%30.5B
WECWEC Energy Group, Inc.$78.00-15.32%24.6B
ESEversource Energy$58.62-26.61%20.5B
EIXEdison International$66.46-1.83%25.5B
FEFirstEnergy Corp.$37.30-8.49%21.4B
DTEDTE Energy Company$107.77-5.64%22.2B
ETREntergy Corporation$100.00-7.02%21.1B
PPLPPL Corporation$26.46-7.74%19.5B
AWKAmerican Water Works Company, Inc.$124.26-16.74%24.2B
AEEAmeren Corporation$69.54-18.98%18.3B
CMSCMS Energy Corporation$57.22-6.47%16.8B
AGRAvangrid, Inc.$31.16-24.22%12.1B
EVRGEvergy, Inc.$49.94-18.60%11.5B
CNPCenterPoint Energy, Inc.$27.87-4.33%17.6B
ATOAtmos Energy Corporation$114.27-2.26%17.2B
VSTVistra Energy Corp.$45.3993.64%16.2B
LNTAlliant Energy Corporation$48.40-9.43%12.4B
NINiSource Inc.$25.97-3.81%10.7B
PNWPinnacle West Capital Corporation$67.90-9.04%7.7B
AESThe AES Corporation$16.78-37.13%11.2B
UGIUGI Corporation$24.29-38.69%5.1B
NRGNRG Energy, Inc.$52.0245.19%11.7B
OGEOGE Energy Corp.$32.92-14.16%6.6B
PCGPG&E Corporation$16.534.42%35.3B
IDAIDACORP, Inc.$88.93-12.62%4.5B
PORPortland General Electric Company$40.80-13.34%4.1B
SWXSouthwest Gas Holdings, Inc.$60.25-7.28%4.3B
OGSONE Gas, Inc.$61.38-24.15%3.4B
HEHawaiian Electric Industries, Inc.$13.22-68.21%1.5B
BKHBlack Hills Corporation$52.36-18.32%3.6B
ALEALLETE, Inc.$58.710.10%3.4B
SRSpire Inc.$60.03-16.61%3.3B
PNMPNM Resources, Inc.$37.60-23.69%3.2B
NJRNew Jersey Resources Corporation$42.35-17.93%4.2B
NWENorthWestern Corporation$49.20-13.46%3.0B
ORAOrmat Technologies, Inc.$67.36-27.53%4.1B
AWRAmerican States Water Company$77.20-17.17%2.9B
AVAAvista Corporation$33.71-15.45%2.6B
SJISouth Jersey Industries, Inc.#N/A#N/A#N/A
NEPNextEra Energy Partners, LP$28.90-60.44%2.7B
MGEEMGE Energy, Inc.$65.73-6.37%2.4B
CWTCalifornia Water Service Group$47.44-21.05%2.7B
NWNNorthwest Natural Holding Company$36.06-25.79%1.3B
OTTROtter Tail Corporation$90.6347.39%3.8B
SJWSJW Group$60.48-20.81%1.9B
CPKChesapeake Utilities Corporation$105.57-13.00%2.3B
SPHSuburban Propane Partners, L.P.$19.7325.59%1.3B
CWENClearway Energy, Inc.$24.28-27.33%4.8B
MSEXMiddlesex Water Company$56.26-34.32%1.0B
UTLUnitil Corporation$50.86-6.01%818.8M
YORWThe York Water Company$36.98-17.40%529.6M
CLNEClean Energy Fuels Corp.$3.15-47.24%702.5M
BEBloom Energy Corporation$11.97-50.96%2.7B
ARTNAArtesian Resources Corporation$36.83-36.48%377.2M
SPKESpark Energy, Inc.#N/A#N/A#N/A
CDZICadiz Inc.$2.88-29.76%192.1M
GWRSGlobal Water Resources, Inc.$12.70-13.43%306.9M
ATAtlantic Power Corporation$703.76121.31%562.6M
PCYOPure Cycle Corporation$10.3513.99%249.2M
RGCORGC Resources, Inc.$19.50-19.29%198.2M
IPLDPInterstate Power and Light Company#N/A#N/A#N/A
FCELFuelCell Energy, Inc.$1.40-63.54%630.3M

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Utility Stocks

Utility stocks are considered a good fit for investors who aim for low risk and high short-term gains. It can attribute to the fact that utilities and their shares are recession-proof to no small extent. People still require basic amenities even in times of economic downturn.

However, it must be considered that utility stocks are affected by the prices of commodities like coal and natural gas. Thus, investing in utility stocks may be less risky than the overall stock market, yet they have more risk exposure compared to the bond market.

Which Utilities Stocks Should I Buy?

You can choose from the list of utility stocks that we have consolidated for you. The choice will, mainly, depend on what outcome you expect from your portfolio.

Utility stocks are an excellent means for diversification and stability in the portfolio. They also generate regular dividend income. However, the long-term capital gains from utility stocks are limited as the companies in the utility sector are highly regulated and hold fewer opportunities for future growth.

Overall, utility stocks are an excellent choice for short-term gains while they may not be the right choice for long-term capital appreciation.

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